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Extreme precipitation in Harmonie


For reference, here is a presentation I recently gave at the Harmonie users meeting at the KNMI. It is all work-in-progress, and only intended to stimulate a discussion. So it can contain errors and is probably not too clear without explanation.


See also the current research link here.

HARMONIE climate


Here's a small presentation for a work meeting discussing harmonie as a climate model.

For monthly total precipiation (August 2006 over the Netherlands), harmonie is too wet and not concentrated above the coast. Main focus is on initialization of the soil moisture, as Harmonie seems to be quite sensitive ...


Lunch talk


Here is a lunch talk about my current research: the effect of the North-Sea on coastal precipitation. In the talk I show how the coastal effect (increased / decreased precipitation in the coastal region due to the influence of the North-Sea) is represented in our regional climate model using the new ...

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