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A simple scaling approach to produce climate scenarios of local precipitation extremes for the Netherlands


Scenarios of future changes in small scale precipitation extremes for the Netherlands are presented. These scenarios are based on a new approach whereby changes in precipitation extremes are set proportional to the change in water vapor amount near the surface as measured by the 2m dew point temperature. This simple ...

KNMI14 climate scenarios


The KNMI climate scenarios have been updated; the new KNMI'14 scenarios are available on the KNMI website, or here. Part of my work on extreme precipitation is included in the scientific report, and I am listed as one of the (many) authors! The individual parts of the report will ...

Extreme precipitation response to climate perturbations in an atmospheric mesoscale model


Observations of extreme (sub-)hourly precipitation at mid-latitudes show a large dependency on the dew point temperature often close to 14% per degree—2 times the dependency of the specific humidity on dew point temperature which is given by the Clausius–Clapeyron (CC) relation. By simulating a selection of 11 ...

The influence of the North Sea on coastal precipitation in the Netherlands


Coastal precipitation in the Netherlands for present-day and future climate using observations and simulations with the KNMI regional climate model RACMO2 is studied. Overall a good correspondence between RACMO2 and the observations is found for the present-day climate. Yet, the model generally simulates too sharp gradients in precipitation amounts near ...

Intensiteit van extreme neerslag in een veranderend klimaat


Intense buien hebben een grote invloed op de maatschappij en gaan vaak vergezeld met heftige meteorologische verschijnselen zoals onweer, hagel, windstoten, windhozen en tornado’s. Ze kunnen aanleiding geven tot lokale wateroverlast, beperkingen in het zicht, aquaplaning en schade voor bebouwing, land- en tuinbouw. Er zijn sterke aanwijzingen dat de ...

Mean precipitation changes and coastal effects in the ENSEMBLES regional climate model simulations


Climate change values in the KNMI’06 scenarios do not discriminate within the Netherlands; thus changes in mean precipitation (and similarly, the wet-day frequency, a precipitation extreme occurring once every 10 years, and also temperature changes) are the same for the whole of the Netherlands for each of the four ...

Half-metals at finite temperature


My PhD thesis and the presentation (in Dutch) I used at my defense are available here.

HF species and dissolved oxygen on the epitaxial lift-off process of GaAs using AlAsP release layers


The lateral etch rate of the epitaxial lift-off ͑ELO process was determined as a function of the total HF concentration CHF and the O2 partial pressure PO2. For this purpose samples were grown by metallorganic chemical vapor deposition and etched using a weight-induced ELO process. It was found that the ...

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