I am currently working at the Netherlands eScience Center as a coordinator for the digital humanities projects. Together with the Meteorology and Air Quality group from the Wageningen University I work on the Summer in the City project.


Previously, I worked at the KNMI, in the Regional Climate department on several extrenally funded projects: Future Weather, and ECLISE. The emphasis of the deparment is, as the name suggest, on the current and future climate of the Netherlands.

I was mostly involved with the modelling efforts: further devoloping and improving our climate moddel (RACMO), and performing climate integrations necessary for our research (notably, the KNMI climate scenarios).

I was also working, together with the weather department, on the high-resolution, convection resolving weather model Harmonie with the final goal to make it suitable for climate research.

Electronic structure of materials

Before that, I did my PhD in the field of computational solid state physics at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. I performed electronic structure computations with the aim of discovering new magnetic materials for use in the semiconductor industries. The electronic structure of materials group was led by prof de Groot.

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